We’re not always hiring,
but when we are, it makes us feel good!

It’s always a good feeling when business is up enough that we need to start looking for someone to hire. Newport Natural is very loyal to our hard working family here and we always try to promote within. But when we do promote, it often leaves a void that we need to fill. We will then look for energetic, self motivated people who want to be a part of a special team of folks.

Yup! it’s ok to be a little eccentric here, as long as you are professional, clean, pleasant, hardworking and passionate about the job you are doing.

Probably the most important asset you could bring with you is that you live the culture and the values that we believe in here. Just like anything else in life, you won’t enjoy, and therefore won’t stick with or be good at something that fundamentally you don’t subscribe to.

We are after YOU, if you are a Team Player!

Here’s the application.

Employment Application

Give it a try. If you have the right stuff your chances are better than average.

Oh ya. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we don’t discriminate against anyone or anything.